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About the Community

Australia’s leading B2B Technology sales community. Rock Your Revenue showcases global and local sales practitioners and thought leaders to share the most innovative sales practices.

They will be sharing real-life stories from their own sales playbook, using the most advanced technologies.
Is cold calling dead? How do I write emails that people open? How many times should I call?

All of these questions & more will be answered as our Rockstars unpack what helps them rock their prospecting.

Converting your leads through to winning the deal is where you can impact your business the most.

Our speakers will show you how they increase their win rate and shorted the sales cycle.

You’ve all heard the saying, “it is cheaper to grow existing customers than to find new ones.”

You will hear how our Rockstars turned growing their accounts into a repeatable revenue machine.

Sales is a tough job & you need to know someone has your back.

Our sessions on leading will rock your world with best practices on how to be a great leader and get more from your manager.

“As a leader you can get so focused on the number you never take time to learn the latest sales tactics.

This event helps me stop & learn from your counterparts so we can improve our business.” Mark Dick Head of Sales, HealthEngine

“If the tactics I learn at Rock Your Revenue help me achieve one more sale, that will mean I achieve a 400% return on my investment. With the sales leader in the line-up it’s a no brainer!” Keith Davison VP of Revenue @ Cloud Conformity
“The sales craft is continually evolving. For me, ensuring that my team has the latest skills to take control of the buying journey is essential to our success. That’s why my team is coming to RYR.” Mark Dwyer Chief Commercial Officer, Clinic to Cloud


It is a community for B2B technology sales professionals to network, share stories and learn from colleagues on how to succeed in the ever-changing world of sales.

Whether you are an individual contributor, manager, executive or founder there is always amazing content to help you be better at your job and find new opportunities.

Typically our meetups run from 6-9pm and the nights usually start with complimentary food and drinks while you network, followed by and hour panel discussion with thought leaders and industry experts, followed by more networking. These events are informal, so if you have any pressing question or don’t agreed don’t be afraid to call bullshit.

We assemble a lineup of practitioners who are in the field daily so you are going to learn real tips, tricks and tactics to enable you to succeed.


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